Location ________________________________________________________
PYOSA plants are located in Monterrey, Mexico.  This city, capital of Nuevo León state, is recognized as the country’s industrial heart and an important technological development center.

With less than 4% of the nation’s population, Monterrey contributes 6.5% of the national gross domestic product, which is an unmistakable indication of the high productivity of the state’s work force.

Several important universities are located in Monterrey, such as Instituto Tecnólogico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (“Monterrey’s Tech”), Universidad de Monterrey and Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.  Nuevo León state has more engineers per capita than any other Mexican city and its population has the highest education index in the country.  In 2007, Monterrey will host the Universal Forum of Cultures and it is set out to be the first city in Latin America to be awarded the title of City of Knowledge from UNESCO.

Monterrey’s geographic location is strategically appropriate due to its proximity to the United States market, just 2 hours from the border with Texas by land.  This proximity results in more competitive costs and logistic times.  This and the tax exemption of a growing number of products as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement, make PYOSA an appealing choice for customers in the United States and Canada as compared to manufacturers in other countries.  Airports and seaports are available at relatively short distances from the city. This makes international logistics easier.

On the other hand, Mexico is the hemisphere’s leader in free trade agreements, and it benefits from commercial agreements with more Latin American countries than any other nation.  This means that PYOSA clients may meet their demand in a larger number of American countries at more competitive costs than they would get by exporting straight from their country of origin.

Productive Plant __________________________________________________
PYOSA has three plants in Monterrey’s metropolitan area, where it manufactures and commercializes a wide range of products for its customers around the world.  Additionally, the company has commercial offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara, to care for an important portfolio of clients located in the mexican central and south regions.

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